The Power of Social Media

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The Most Honest And Heartbreaking Reason To Leave Your Front Door Unlocked I’ve Ever Heard

It seems fitting that I start this post off in two ways.  Firstly, by apologizing for the lack of posts these last few days – life has just been absolutely crazy!  Secondly, by saying Happy Thanksgiving to any American friends out there – may your weekend be filled with lots of turkey and family!

I came across the video linked above while doing my usual morning creep of Facebook.  This video does not talk about the power of social media, nor does it say anything regarding social media.  However, I decided to post it for it showcases the power that social media holds.  Neil Hilborn is the man talking in the video.  Through spoken word he describes how his extreme OCD has shaped his relationship with his girlfriend.  This heartfelt and heartbreaking video is touching and I urge you to take 3 minutes out of your day to watch it.

Other than being a beautiful spoken word – this video has a powerful and moving message.  However, without social media how many people could have experienced this?  Chances are without social media Neil’s words would not have touched nearly as many.  Now with a Facebook page with over 1.5 million likes, Neil not only has support of millions of people, millions of people have been able to find support.

Sometimes I think it is so easy to analyze all aspects of social media, and for good reason because we can learn so much.  Other times I think it is just better to sit back and take it all in.  We have a world at our fingertips; we can spread our stories, take in others’, and above all we have the ability to reach out to millions of people with a simple click.  As powerful this can be for an organization, it’s a pretty powerful thought for a struggling individual too.


BatKid – More Than a Heartwarming Story


What BatKid Can Teach Social Media Managers

Last week the internet was filled with stories surrounding the San Francisco BatKid.  Not only was this story heartwarming and magical, it was an international sensation.   Along with bringing immense joy to 5 year-old Miles Scott, it also brought joy to the millions of people who watched, tweeted, and shared his story.

Make a Wish Foundation has allowed the dreams of countless children to become a reality.  When battling cancer, children miss out on their childhood and are forced to grow up much too quickly.  Make a Wish Foundation brings joy back into the lives of children that are fighting a battle of their own, hoping to provide them with encouragement and motivation.  This wish went beyond members of the Make A Wish Community, and transcended to members of the San Francisco area as well as the rest of North America.

This story was picked up by a blogger, causing it to go viral.  Not only was it shared via Facebook, Twitter, and Vine, the story also received a lot of attention from celebrities such as Ben Affleck, Christian Bale, and even President Obama.  The hastag #SFBatKid became a top trend on Twitter.  This little boy’s story consumed the screens of all social media platforms, and to some extent still is.

The article posted above links this story to how social media managers can obtain success.  This sensation teaches us the vital components of a story going viral.  They may seem simple, but that’s the key to success, instead of overselling something, keep it simple, tell a story, and make it heartfelt.  Overall, a social media manager cannot control what will and what won’t go viral, however, they can influence the results.

This leaves me wondering, was it the meaning of the story that made BatKid go viral or was it due to the high level of involvement of specific bloggers and social media gurus.  Without the involvement of social media would this story still have touched so many people?  Do you think BatKid is the best viral story you have heard in a while?  Please comment and let me know how this story has impacted you, personally or professionally with regards to social media.

And just incase you happen to have not heard of BatKid, or would just like to watch the heartwarming story again, below is a video of BatKid helping to save Gotham City!!