Don’t Get Your Cape Stuck in the Door

Passive Outrage, Passion, and Social Media

This article written by Michele Redmon brings to light a common theme that I see emerging every day on social media.  People are activists; passionate and ready to make a change in the world, simply by posting an article that they feels is of significant impact.  Although the intention of these posts is normally in the sincerest of ways, it should make one stop and think – am I really making a difference?  Is sharing an article really a means of standing up for what we believe in? Or is it really just a way for us to feel good about ourselves, without ever actually actively making a change?

People often don’t even look to see the legitimacy of articles they are sharing.  Articles come from bloggers who have done little research and cannot actually provide you with a credible source.  Before sharing articles and expressing our disbelief perhaps first social media enthusiasts should look to see if there is any legitimacy and truth to the stories being shared.  As is mentioned in the article above perhaps we should too take a look at ourselves before we are too quick to point figures, thereby making a social mockery of our hypocrisy.

The number of articles and amount of outrage one can witness from scouring social media each day, would lead an innocent viewer to believe that our world is filled with activists; people that are truly making a different in this world.  However, this is not true, beneath the outrage that all these people feel, is really just an amalgamation passive individuals, sharing the that a small click of a share button is really improving the world.  And while it may seem that I am not for the power that social media holds, that is not the case. I just think we need to be more critical of what we chose to share on social media and more critical how credible articles really are.  Instead of being passively outraged and becoming an ‘activist’ via social media, we must be analytical, and actively outraged, making ourselves true activists on something we thoroughly understand and feel the need to stand up for.

Overall, I think the lesson here is that we need to not always believe everything we read.  Social media is a powerful tool that can be used to reach out to many people within a matter of minutes.  We need to ensure that we are putting the best version of ourselves out there for people to see – showing the world how brilliant and independent we really are!


Why You Should Think Twice About Who You Envy on Social Media

Why You Should Think Twice About Who You Envy on Social Media

I found this article the other day posted on my Facebook.  I found it interesting because it talks of how social media has moved beyond a tool for sharing and has become a tool for showing.  This means that people are now concerned with their image on social media, wanting their lives to seem perfect from the outside.  People rarely showcase the negative aspects that are shadowing their lives, unless it is put forth in yet another attention seeking manor.

This leads me to wonder, how can a marketer tap into this facade that plagues the profiles of the majority of individuals on social media.  Will playing into the superficial, idealistic role a person takes on be the most successful avenue or will divulging into the core of an individual, targeting who they truly are be more effective?

I would love to hear your opinion – both on who people really are on social media and if targeting them or the person they try to be likely more effective?