Why You Should Think Twice About Who You Envy on Social Media

Why You Should Think Twice About Who You Envy on Social Media

I found this article the other day posted on my Facebook.  I found it interesting because it talks of how social media has moved beyond a tool for sharing and has become a tool for showing.  This means that people are now concerned with their image on social media, wanting their lives to seem perfect from the outside.  People rarely showcase the negative aspects that are shadowing their lives, unless it is put forth in yet another attention seeking manor.

This leads me to wonder, how can a marketer tap into this facade that plagues the profiles of the majority of individuals on social media.  Will playing into the superficial, idealistic role a person takes on be the most successful avenue or will divulging into the core of an individual, targeting who they truly are be more effective?

I would love to hear your opinion – both on who people really are on social media and if targeting them or the person they try to be likely more effective?


Marketing is no…

Marketing is no longer about the products you make, but about the stories you tell.

Seth Godin