American Thanksgiving – A Social Experience


Although I am not American, I am well aware that this weekend was Thanksgiving in the US.  I found this interesting picture while on Pinterest.  I found this picture interesting because it shows how easy it is to collect social media facts, it also shows how much of daily life people are posting on social media.

Social media is so integrated into everyone’s life that they feel the need to share their side dishes, desserts, recipes, and when they are eating dinner.  If as they were posting they realized that their social media engagement could be turned into statistics on Thanksgiving do you think this would cause people to think twice before posting.

As a social media user does it worry you that people are using your posts to monitor statistics?  Does know that marketing companies can target you through your posts cause you to rethink how open you are on social media or have you accepted this as a common factor of using social media?

The added benefit of this post is that on Black Friday people were still posting about turkey – meaning the true meaning of Thanksgiving is not lost — a big turkey dinner that is!!


2 thoughts on “American Thanksgiving – A Social Experience

  1. Thank you Megan501 for your comments. I think you are right it is the price you pay for the world we live in. Everyone has a footprint on social media, in fact many young children do too these days, thanks to posts from their parents. Does it worry you that when you upload a picture or make a casual tweet you are being observed and used as a statistic ? Do you think this gives marketing companies an unfair advantage in psychographics of their target?

  2. I think that this kind of statistical information gathering is impossible to avoid in our tech based world. Even if we posted none of it on social media the statistical data would still be collected, when we googled green bean recipes or downloaded a coupon for a dollar off pumpkin pie, someone is always keeping track of the data. I think it’s the price we pay for such easy access to information.

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