Snapchat – The Next Big Thing?

Is Snapchat Taking Over Social Media?

Snapchat is an application that many social media enthusiasts are familiar with.  Recently Snapchat announced that it has surpassed Facebook with regards to the number of pictures uploaded each day, 400 million vs. 350 million.  This does not come without surprise, thousands of people are constantly sending all of their friends photos via Snapchat.  I would not call myself an avid user of Snapchat, however I do have the application.  Without actively using the social media platform, I still receive a few pictures each day – and on days i’m feeling adventurous, I even send a couple out!

Unlike me, most people with the application are pretty darn obsessed with Snapchat.  Meaning they spend countless hours sending terrible “selfies”, pointless pictures and videos, and all sorts of other things.  This social media application has taken off like wildfire.  This dedication is something that can be tuned into and picked up.  If users are willing to spend so long on Snapchat their must be a way that organizations can turn this into a competitive advantage.

So if Snapchat is so popular, how long will it be before it is open for advertisement?  How can marketers involve Snapchat users as well as getting them excited? Snapchat has already been used in campaigns by a few different companies – some even receiving some levels of success.  But the difficulty comes in, with how much of an impression can a company deliver in 10 seconds – and is that even long enough to create a positive impression?  What marketers must decipher is if this is a trend or if this is a platform worth pursuing.  Do you think Snapchat is a successful marketing tool that is here to stay or do you believe it is a trend that will be gone as quickly as it arrived?


3 thoughts on “Snapchat – The Next Big Thing?

  1. That’s a very good point. Would these companies receive snapchats back. Or when they make it part of the campaign to send them back how do you judge an individual in 10 seconds and also how do you handle the overflow of pictures that likely have nothing to do with the company. Thank you both for commenting

  2. I agree with Tommy that if companies start sending snapchats out and there is no regulating who you can recieve these from changes the aspect of platform. If you were able to choose which companies you received snapshats from that may be more acceptable but then the question becomes; can you send snapchats back to these companies? Because that could create a challenge for these companies as well.

  3. I love Snapchat, it is my favourite app. If they allowed sponsored Snapchats I think it would ruin the experience for me. I want it to be a place I share photos with my friends and only my friends. Knowing a company could use my Snaps to target me worries me!

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