Clever Twitter Marketing

The Best Conversation You Will Read on Twitter Today

This post on BuzzFeed showcases the variety of forms that viral marketing can disguise itself in.  Although it seems as though this conversation had no previous planning, it proves how actively following your company’s social media initiatives can pay off.  Not only did Tesco Mobile, Jaffa Cakes, Yorkshire Tea, and a few other popular English companies gain exposure via Twitter for both their companies and their social media identities, they also have gained additional exposure through the news articles and additional blog posts that boasted their posts.

Therefore, I ask do you think this is effective and helps these companies create a positive brand image or was it simply just a way to help social media managers pass their day?  Also, if you have any examples of other viral social media coversations involving companies I would love for you to share them!


5 thoughts on “Clever Twitter Marketing

  1. ” I think the key here is that it is always critical to find the correct balance of being fun and approachable, but still maintaining a level of professionalism.” rozalynlewis, you hit it right in the bull’s eye with that statement. Brands must be professional and respectful above all else.

  2. Thank you Lisa Lewis, I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I agree, I think that these brands were able to show some personality through the interactions, creating a positive impression. I think you brought up a wonderful point with stating that Yorkshire Tea was not tagged and yet they were able to respond, this truly shows dedication from their social media department. I also think it is critical that responses from brands are timely, as people do not feel as connected to a post if it was not posted recently.
    I think that here all brands are creating a positive image through both the responsiveness and playful banter. However, I have seen other posts from TescoMobile, which have also been extremely popular but have crossed the line from playful to inappropriate. These posts have been insulting and although funny to many I feel as though they may be creating a negative brand image with some people. I think the key here is that it is always critical to find the correct balance of being fun and approachable, but still maintaining a level of professionalism.

  3. In my opinion, these folks created a fun, positive impression of their brands. Also, this whole interaction makes them appear responsive. Those who want to interact and share with these brands are probably encouraged that responses from the brands potentially would be timely. Their employees who monitor mentions of their brand look to be on top of things, and that’s huge! For example, the first mention of Yorkshire Teas is not utilizing their twitter profile name @YorkshireTea. And kudos to @TescoMobile for being professional when their twitter follower initially brought up the negative tweet about their brand.

    What are your thoughts about the brands’ responsiveness and their playful banter?

  4. Thanks Nesh6540, I appreciate your input. I agree, the reblogging of this shows the impact that it continues to have, long after the conversation occurred. Do you think you would feel a stronger affiliation for a brand if they were to reach out to you personally through social media?

  5. I think that even the fact that this twitter feed has shown up on buzzfeed and now your blog goes to show how this can be used as an effective marketing strategy! I would have say that this is an effective way for companies to create a positive brand image!

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